Sub-label: Det Roterende Sjongleringsorkesteret (DRS)

Det Roterende Sjongleringsorkesteret (DRS) ( is a sub-label/ sibling-label of Very Happy Records (VHR), and part of the Very Happy A.V.E. (Audio Visual Entertainment) family.

DRS was born 11.11.2011 at 11 PM
to honour
that Grandma
(Grandmas Place)
was born
11.11.1918 at around 11 AM.

Grandma was then 93 years old. The band Olove used to rehearse at Grandmas Place. Usually in the livingroom. And eating dinner afterwards together with Grandma. But that was way back when Grandma was at the end of her 80s years. Nice place to record it was as well. Some good songs have been made there.

DRS is only digital and vinyl (maybe cassette) and focused on ‘tronica, beats, “a little out there” and here.

Det Roterende Sjongleringsorkesteret (DRS)

DRS website:
DRS started 11.11.2011 with the digital release of:

DIG Dj Woodpecker “Pecking For Life”
Other releases:
DIG Dj Woodpecker “Sapsucker EP”
DIG Dj Woodpecker “Work in the world”
DIG Dj Woodpecker “Pexxican Hardstyle”



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